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Sep 8, 2010 2:00am EDT
in the eastern district of virginia and convicted of those sentences, i suspect he could easily be doing 20 or life. it would have been completely different. when you look at the outcome, i have many defendants you are serving life sentences. >> the note terrorism defendant in the united states ever got the death sentence either. when a promises one, he is gone against the tide. >> let me ask you about what you think about the claim of them. they say there is no ultimate due process. on the other hand, they are not been applied for the hoehling. we are talking about this proposal. and do not believe that under no circumstances would the defendant be released. i suppose the will be a question for courts. we may never have to address the issue. i am wondering what you think about the impact on a trial of that position. >> what i was asking about -- i did not mean inherently. i was talking about that kind of background and assumption. >> i took it as that. i do not know the answer to your question. it undercuts it from the international perspective. it appears to be a show trial. what happens
Sep 1, 2010 2:00am EDT
in virginia were talking about murdering christians and jews. which were the specific moderate muslims who spoke out against that when the international commission on religious freedom reported that? >> thank you. >> i would like to answer the first question because it is very simple. our belief is that there is no muslim country now that is following sharia law. one good reason is because the very basics of the islamic society, including the head of state legitimately by the people is not taking place. i am not defending any muslim country. i hope in the united states that i can be a better muslim than i can in some of the other countries. you called it benign sharia law. what did we do to it to make it benign? i don't like that. our laws are anaheim tehran laws. the only issue is whether they are applied or not applied. and in fact there is no muslim country that aplays it. there are tons of muslim countries that claim they are applying it, and they are using it to oppress the people. they are trying to tell that they are there, and the laws are by define will, so to speak. we need to te
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2